Denis Ivanov

Microsoft MVP in .NET



To inform possible employers and other interested parties about my skills and experience in certain areas as well as about my willingness to consider job offers on Senior Software Development Engineer or similar position.

Work experience

01/2010 — Current: 2GIS (local search company, Novosibirsk, Russia), Head of software development group

Have been leading a development team of 5-8 engineers and responsible for an architecture, design of components, implementation of critical modules and performance improvement.

02/2006 – 04/2010: Trofimuk Institute of petroleum geology and geophysics, Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Branch (research institute, Novosibirsk, Russia), Software Development Engineer

Open source projects and contributions

contribution for adding new API, Contributor
09/2016: AWS SDK for .NET
fix the issue in S3 client configuration, Contributor
09/2016 — Current: NuClear VStore
advertising data storage with versioning, Maintainer and Contributor
11/2015 — Current: NuClear River
customizable platform for building CQRS Read Models, Maintainer and Contributor built with ReactiveUI, Rx.NET, Entity Framework and Azure Mobile services, Author
01/2015 — Current: Core data access libraries
with separate implementation of read and write stacks on top of Entity Framework and LINQ to DB, Author and Maintainer

Community activities

08/2013 — Current: CodeFest (developers conference, Novosibirsk, Russia), Backend track maintainer

Have been responsible for defining goals of Backend track (on year-to-year basis), finding speakers, working on talks and presentations to help speakers fit the audience of CodeFest, taking care about on-site experience of speakers.

2015 — 2017:

Participated as a speaker at DotNext (Moscow, 2017), HighLoad++ (Moscow, 2017), RIT++ (Moscow, 2017), DotNext (Saint-Petersburg, 2017), Microsoft DevCon (Moscow, 2016), CodeFest (Novosibirsk, 2016), CEE Community Open Days (Prague, 2016), etc.


2001 – 2007: Novosibirsk State Technical University. Master of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


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